Awards and Levels

TASC accredited senior secondary courses are designed for use in the senior secondary years (years 11 and 12). They are organised in levels of difficulty (Level 1 is the lowest and Level 4 the highest). Results assessed under these courses in schools that follow TASC quality assurance procedures are qualifications in senior secondary courses accredited by the TASC.

A result appears as one of the following awards:
    Preliminary Achievement (indicates partial attainment of the course objectives)
    Satisfactory Achievement
    Commendable Achievement
    High Achievement
    Exceptional Achievement (since 2003) or Outstanding Achievement (before 2003)

For some courses a result may appear as one of the following:
    Pass, Higher Pass, or Satisfactory Completion

Assessment under a TASC senior secondary course is based on criteria and standards set out in the course document, which gives a detailed description of what each award means. Assessment under a Level 3 or 4 course includes state-wide external assessment. This is combined with the school-based assessment to form a final award.

The size of each course is shown in which 15 corresponds to a designed delivery time of 150 hours.

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