Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'formal learning'?

'Formal learning' is learning that is either delivered via a structured program leading to a qualification or demonstrated via a formal assessment (such as an examination) leading to a qualification, but without a requirement to complete a structured program.

What is a 'qualification'?

A 'qualification' is a formal recognition of the completion of a course. A certificate issued on the completion of a learning program is an example of a qualification.

What is 'recognition'?

'Recognition' means that the qualifications issued by recognised formal learning providers are listed on a student's Tasmanian Certificate of Education issued by TASC.

Who can apply for recognition?

Providers of formal learning who:
  • are the copyright holders of the program (or, if a licensed provider, can show official evidence of the copyright holder's endorsement of the application);
  • issue a qualification recognising the completion of a course or a level of competency demonstrated; and
  • deliver learning that meets the pre-requisites listed below.

Learning pre-requisites

For learning to be considered for recognition on the Tasmanian Certificate of Education it must:

  • have an educational aim appropriate for students in the senior secondary phase of education in Tasmania (ie. those engaged in the final years of secondary schooling); and
  • include identifiable generic skills (e.g. communication skills, group work, problem solving skills).

The process

TASC will notify you on receipt of your completed application. In some cases more information may be required before assessment of your application. Your application will be carefully considered by a Recognition Assessment Panel appointed by TASC's Executive Officer. The panel will consist of a TASC representative and members of the education community. Their report will be forwarded to the Executive Officer and you will be sent a copy. You will be invited to comment on their report. Should you wish to proceed with your application the report will be published on TASC's website and public comment will be invited. The Recognition Assessment Panel will review its recommendations in the light of comments received from you and the wider community, and forward its final report and recommendation to TASC via its Executive Officer. TASC's decision on the application will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

If your application is successful, you will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding withTASC relating to issues such as how and when you will supply TASC with notification of the results you award and privacy procedures. You will also be required to promptly notify TASC of any changes to the information supplied in this application.

Even if TASC decides to recognise your qualification we may:

  1. withdraw recognition or modify the period of recognition granted; and
  2. request more information and/or undertake on-site visits to ensure that learning delivery or assessment methodologies agree with those stated in this application.

If your application is unsuccessful you may reapply for recognition in the next academic year.

How long does the process take?

In general, the process will take about four months from receipt of your application. Exact timeframes will depend on issues such as the availability of Recognition Assessment Panel members, and if we need to communicate with you at any stage in the process. Applications that cannot be processed by mid-July each year will not have the qualification recognised on that year's Tasmanian Certificate of Education.

'Can I use a single form?'

A separate application must be made for each discrete qualification.

Where a qualification differentiates between stages or levels of achievement (e.g. the course has Levels 1 - 4, Grades I - III, or Stages A - C), these may be submitted as a single application but differences between the stages or levels must be indicated as requested in the application form (see Section D).

Supporting documentation

TASC would be pleased to receive supporting documentation with your application. Only one copy would be required, but TASC may need to make additional copies of documents (or parts of them) for consideration by the Recognition Assessment Panel. After the assessment process has been completed your original documents will be returned to you. Copies made by TASC will be destroyed except where it was felt that a copy was required for file purposes.

Supporting documentation might include:

  • mission statements;
  • program or course overviews, maps or schema;
  • student handbooks and manuals;
  • privacy policies/procedures;
  • curriculum-based materials;
  • examples of tasks or examinations;
  • training manuals;
  • role descriptors for staff;
  • program evaluation materials; and
  • copies of the qualification/certificate you award.

Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process or would like assistance in completing the application form please do not hesitate to contact TASC:

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