Pathway Planning

The TCE requires a person 'to have developed and reviewed plans for education and training'. Most students will meet this standard by developing a plan during Year 10 and reviewing their progress at some time before they finish their senior secondary education and training.

From 2007, all Tasmanian schools have been required to make sure that Year-10 students develop a pathway plan and register it with us by the end of the year. A student's plan will include their career goals and the education and training they need to reach these goals.

We will make special arrangements so that people completing their senior secondary education and training outside the school system can demonstrate that they meet this standard.

We can also provide other arrangements so that people not currently enrolled in education and training institutions can demonstrate that they meet this standard.


Can demonstrate skills in personal planning that show the person:
  • Has developed a personal pathway plan;
  • Has lodged a personal pathway plan with the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification
  • Has reviewed their personal pathway plan against progress to date

Examples of ways in which people show that they meet or exceed this requirement:

  1. A person who has:
    1. developed a Personal Pathway Plan following appropriate guidelines and specifications;
    2. maintained a diary of ways in which elements of the "participation record" are achieved;
    3. recorded negotiations with a Pathway Planning Officer, group adviser or adult mentor.

  2. An adult seeking recognition of prior learning (e.g. someone who left school at Year 10) through the award of the Tasmanian Certificate of Education provides documentation of past education, training and employment and plans for the future.

Collecting data to support Pathway Planning requirements for the TCE

The Pathway Planning standard for the Tasmanian Certificate of Education requires a person 'to have developed and reviewed plans for education and training'.

Students completing year 10 from the end of 2007 have been required to lodge a 'participation record' with TASC (as required under the Guaranteeing Futures Act 2004). This statement of intent specifies the first and second preferences for post-year 10 education, employment and training options.

The procedure below outlines arrangements that will apply for students completing year 12.

There are special provisions also outlined below for learners, including adult learners, who also wish to apply for the Tasmanian Certificate of Education.

Completing Year 12

  1. Learners enrolled in a school or college,who lodged a statement of intent (pathway plan) at the completion of year 10 and had it confirmed by TASC will be included in a list of eligible students sent to the education and training organisation.

  2. This list of eligible students for each organisation will need to be confirmed as meeting the pathway planning requirement via a 'tick box' provision. There will be provision on the list for the principal/CEO to sign off on this.

  3. Students who do not meet the requirement will also be identified through this process and the TASC advised accordingly.

  4. Students coming from interstate or overseas who enrol part-way through the senior secondary years can complere and forward a statement of intent, on enrolment, to TASC. Schools, colleges and other institutions will need to make a judgment about whether the student has made sufficient use of their plan since enrolment.

  5. Timeline - Student lists will be forwarded with other TCE assessment lists to providers during October. Completed forms duly signed off by the Principal/CEO will be returned to the TASC by late November.

Other ways of meeting the standard

Learners who wish to complete the requirements for the TCE but who did not lodge a pathway plan with TASC at the end of year 10 studies may meet the pathway planning requirement in the following ways.
  1. Adult learners can seek to have work and career planning and experience recognised by TASC for the purposes of issuing a TCE.

  2. A range of Certificate III Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications meet the pathway planning requirement of the TCE based on the assumption that such qualifications require substantial career planning and adjustment through on-the-job experience.

  3. TASC may recognise other learning as contributing to the TCE under certain circumstances. For further information, please contact TASC at:

    Ph: (03) 6165 6000
    Post: GPO Box 333, Hobart, TAS 7001


Under the Youth Participation in Education and Training (Guaranteeing Futures) Act (2005) all young people at the conclusion of Year 10 or upon turning 16 are required to participate in a range of "eligible options" specified in a "participation record" of proposed study or training that must be lodged with TASC.

The focus is on developing planning skills, in other words the processes useful for successful planning in personal life (including financial planning), career planning, future adult roles (including parenthood) and dealing with dislocation (divorce, unemployment etc).

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