The Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement (TCEA) is a quality assured, centrally issued certificate that describes achievement through narrative. Designed for the small number of students whose learning and achievement is often not adequately recognised by standardised forms of certification, it will provide a fairer and more just account of their senior secondary learning success.

The TCEA will be complementary to the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) and will be issued at the same time as the TCE and the Qualifications Certificate (QC).

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Guidelines and Eligibility for the TCEA

Application Form

Lodging Narrative Material with the TASC

Guidelines and Eligibility for the TCEA

The Guidelines for the Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement provide a step-by-step procedure for issuing the certificate beginning with a process for confirming eligibility and ending with the issue of the certificate by TASC.
TCEA_Guidelines Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement Guidelines
(Updated May 5, 2017)

Eligibility is determined by:
  • a joint agreement between student and education provider that the TCEA's issue is necessary and appropriate
  • the education provider making available the resources needed to retain information about achievement and develop the statements that will appear on the certificate to the standards set by TASC
  • TASC being notified by application in sufficient time for arrangements to be made
  • the education provider agreeing to meet the quality assurance processes required by TASC
  • the student remaining in attendance with the education provider until the date specified annually by TASC.

The Guidelines provide further information on the kind of supportive material that should be collected, the preferred writing style, TASC's proposed quality assurance approach covering eligibility, verification of the truth and accuracy of information and consistency in language.

Particular reference is made to writing about disability, the place for advocacy and the management of personal information. Proformas are included for the initial application and for providing descriptive material to TASC.

Application Form

Students, in association with their education provider, who wish to apply for the certificate will need to complete a Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement Application Form.

TCEA Application form TCEA Application form
(Updated May 5, 2017)

This form should to be completed and forwarded to the TASC by the 31st May each year.

Please be advised that for 2017 we have extended the submission deadline to the end of Term 2 (7 July 2017).

Lodging Narrative Material with the TASC

The narrative or descriptive information that will be used in the TCEA certificate will need to be forwarded to TASC by 13th November each year.

This is to be included in the Tasmanian Certificate of Educational Achievement - Material for Inclusion document available below.

TCEA Material for Inclusion TCEA Material for Inclusion
(Updated May 5, 2017)

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