Provider Registration Process

Applying to become a registered provider of courses to overseas students

TASC can consider applications to become a provider of eduation services for overseas students (and applications for accreditation of courses) from applicants who intend to offer education programs and courses in the sectors for which the TASC is the designated authority under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework.

To be listed on the Commonwealth Register of Insitutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS register) as a provider who can offer education service to overseas students, an applicant needs to demonstrate evidence of compliance with the requirements of the Tasmanian Qualifications Act 2003 and the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework, including the National Code of Practice. An applicant must be able to provide evidence it can meet these requirements. TASC will consider information provided in an application and conduct an audit to confirm that the applicant can meet requirements.


Registration of providers and courses on CRICOS involves two stages. The first stage is undertaken by the designated authority for that state or territory. TASC is the designated authority under the ESOS legislative framework for all school providers and schools courses and any ELICOS and Foundation Program courses they deliver in Tasmania. the TASC is also the designated authority for non-award programs that are not ELICOS or Foundation Programs that the TASC can register under the law of the State.

The second stage of CRICOS registration is the responsibility of the Commonwealth delegate. The Australian Department of Education and Training is the Commonwealth delegate in respect to schools.

A provider is not registered to offer education and training to overseas students in Australia until both stages of the registration process have been completed. A provider must also apply to accredit education and training programs for overseas students.

The registration process

The registration process consists of a preparation stage, an application submission and review stage, an approval stage and an ongoing compliance stage. The period of registration is up to five years. You may vary the courses you deliver during this period. The steps can be shown as follows:

StepsCarried out by:
Information gatheringProspective Provider
Determine courses to be accreditedProspective Provider
Self assessmentProspective Provider
Application preparationProspective Provider
Application submissionProspective Provider
Initial auditTASC Quality Assurance Officers
Approval processExecutive Officer
12 month audit (if applicable)TASC Quality Assurance Officers
Monitoring on-going complianceTASC Quality Assurance Officers
Compliance auditTASC Quality Assurance Officers
Renewal of registration applicationRegistered Provider

Preparing to apply

The first step is to consider the requirements of operating as a provider of education and training to overseas students by gathering sufficient information about the regulatory requirements. You can then make an informed decision about operating a business in this regulated industry.

Once you have researched the requirements and determined that you wish to proceed you will need to determine:
  • what courses you intend to offer to overseas students;

  • whether your organisation has the authority to offer the courses for which you intend to be accredited to deliver to overseas students;

  • that you can demonstrate capacity to provide education to a satisfactory standard; and

  • that you can meet the regulatory requirements.

To do this you are advised to conduct a self assessment of your organisation. You will need to consider how the organisation can demonstrate compliance with all requirements. Applicants should address any gaps identified when conducting a self assessment against requirements to ensure you are prepared to demonstrate compliance prior to submitting an application.

The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Fees (State Fees) outlines the fees that the TASC will invoice providers for.
Please note there are fees for registering as a provider as well as for accrediting each course you wish to deliver. The Australian Government charges fees in addition to the state fees.

Application to renew registration

An application for renewal is considered as if it were an initial application, and the same requirements apply. It is the provider's responsibility to apply to renew registration. We recommend that providers submit their renewal application at least six months before to expiry to prevent a lapse of registration.
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