Refugee Students

TASC will only grant the following provisions to refugee students who lodge a completed application form signed by the student and the TASC Liaison Officer at the school by no later than the end of Term 3.

* A copy of the students visa MUST be supplied with the application form.

Requests received after the above deadline will not be considered under ANY circumstances.

Applicants who have had 5 or more full years of schooling in Australia will only be eligible for borderline consideration under this provision. A request for any other provisions will need to be made using the 'general special provisions form' and supported by evidence of a particular impairment or disability.

Provisions that will be granted:

Extra Time

One hour extra time for each written examination will be granted to students who have NOT achieved a Satisfactory Achievement or better in a Level 3 or 4 TCE subject.

Extra time of 20 minutes per 2 hour examination or 30 minutes per 3 hour examination will be granted to students who have achieved a Satisfactory Achievement or better in a Level 3 or 4 TCE subject in a previous year.

Extra time will NOT been granted for the English as an Additonal Language or Dialect examination.

Borderline consideration

Will automatically be granted to each student who has a valid refugee entry visa. If you do not sit your external examinations this provision will not apply.

In order for borderline consideration to apply in a particular subject, students must be only one external rating away from the next highest award. If it applies to a subject the award is upgraded to the next highest award (on that externally assessed subject). It should be noted that not all of a student's external subjects will fall into this category.

Requests for any other provisions must be submitted under the arrangements for Special Disability Provisions

Special Arrangements Refugee Form Special Examination Arrangements request form for Refugee Students
(Updated Apr 20, 2017)

How does the process work?

The application is assessed by a TASC officer and, if required, further information will be sought.

When a final decision has been made written notification of the approved and/or declined provisions is sent to the student with a copy to the school/college.

Reviewing a decision

Should a student wish to request a review of a decision, they should refer to the following link on the TASC website:

Complaints Guidelines for Senior Secondary Assessments and Certification

All other enquiries regarding examination arrangements should be directed to the TASC Liaison Officer at the school.

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