TASC Audits of Registered Course Providers

Effective quality assurance is required to ensure the validity, integrity and reliability of qualifications issued by the Office of TASC in individual courses and the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE). Auditing the delivery and assessment systems, processes and procedures used by registered course providers is one of the quality assurance methods used by TASC.

Audited Standards & Evidentiary Process
TASC audits are conducted against defined and published standards. These audits are based on evidence tabled by the provider. The evidence presented will demonstrate the extent of a provider's compliance with the defined standards, and the provider's ability to maintain compliance in the future.

All courses' delivery and assessment are audited against four common standards:
  1. All of the knowledge, skills and experiences that comprise the course have actually been delivered to learners
  2. Individual learners receiving the qualifications have been exposed to the knowledge, skills and experiences that comprise the course
  3. Assessment tools, together with their associated marking guides and rubrics for making assessment judgements reflect the documented standards of the course
  4. Successful learners have met all of the assessment requirements for the course.

Courses with enhanced audit models (as noted in the quality assurance section of individual courses) are also audited against one or both of the following additional standards:
  • Archived samples of individual student's work sufficient to illustrate the borderline between that judged as 'pass/SA' or not
  • Relationship to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).

These standards are published in the Sample Audit Meeting Record available below:
SampleAuditRecords Sample Audit Records
(Updated May 31, 2017)

Auditing Principles
The following auditing principles underpin the conduct of TASC audits:
  • systematic
  • outcomes-focused
  • evidence-based
  • flexible
  • focused on continuous improvement
  • fair, open and transparent.


TASC audits are quality audits: they focus on the systems, processes and procedures used by providers for the delivery and assessment of TASC-accredited senior secondary courses, and the provision of provider-level standards.

The audit approach used is a dual one. While compliance to the requirements for the delivery and assessment of courses is the primary focus, audits are valuable inputs to continuous improvement practices and, in some cases, capacity building.

Sensitivity: TASC auditors are understanding that the prospect of representing a provider during audit can be a daunting one for some staff, especially those who have not encountered the process before. TASC audit processes are designed to reduce apprehension, create a non-confrontational audit environment, and stress the positive nature of the audit experience.

The information document below provides responses to some frequently asked questions about the audit process. TASC gives this information document to providers prior to their scheduled audit.

AuditModelInformationKit The Audit Model of Quality Assurance and Senior Secondary Course Providers - Responses to Some Frequently Asked Questions
(Updated May 30, 2017)
(Valid from Jul 1, 2015)

Selecting Providers/Courses for Audit
Providers and specific courses they offer are selected for audit using a risk assessment process. Approximately 14 - 20 providers are audited in any given year. This may increase if course-specific strategic audits are required.

The risk assessment uses provider and course risk indicators to identify the relative risk of registered providers and courses.

Indicators of provider risk include:
  • period since last audit (usually based on a three year cycle)
  • findings of last audit
  • provider's history of experience in the senior secondary sector
  • range/nature of courses on scope (e.g. contribution of courses to the TCE's standards).

Indicators of course risk include:
  • risk to the integrity of the TCE (e.g. SA awards used as evidence that a learner had met one or more 'everyday adult' standard skill sets)
  • past systemic issues regarding delivery and assessment.

Providers selected for audit are advised in advance by TASC, and audit agendas and other arrangements are negotiated.

TASC Provider Audits Report
BN_26_2015_QAAuditReport BN_26_2015_Provider Audits Report
(Updated Dec 21, 2015)

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