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Subject: Mathematics Specialised - External Assessment

From: michelle.harvey@tqa.tas.gov.au

Date: November 28, 2012

Attention: TQA Co-ordinator and All Teachers of:


The Authority is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified persons, teachers and/or academics for the following positions in 2013:


Interested parties should advise Michelle Harvey at the Tasmanian Qualifications Authority by 14 December 2012, providing the following details:

Home Address
Telephone Numbers (home and work)
Email Address
Qualifications and Experience

Please note: Teachers who are teaching the course in the same year cannot apply for the position of examination paper Setter and/or Critic.


* review the first draft of the paper and provide a report (a pro-forma will be provided).
* meet with the Setting Examiner(s) to discuss the first draft of the paper.
* MUST undertake the draft examination paper and note the time taken to produce acceptable answers.
* provide Setting Examiner(s) with suggestions for improvement. Critics need be specific about any concerns they may have. If necessary, critics can suggest alternative questions for consideration by the Setting Examiner(s).
* provide solutions to the exam paper (for some subjects) with the first draft of the exam paper. If any changes are made to the paper at a later date, solutions need be revised accordingly.
* proofread the 2nd draft of the paper.

Michelle Harvey Senior Assessment Co-ordinator TQA
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