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Learning AreaHumanities and Social Sciences
Available from1/1/2016
Available until31/12/2020
Size 15 credit points
Demonstrates TCE literacy standardNO
Demonstrates TCE numeracy standardYES
Demonstrates TCE ICT standardNO
Replaces the courseACC315111
Past Exams and Assessment Reports
Financial matters affect every member of our society. Through engagement with Accounting, Level 3, learners develop an understanding of the fundamentals on which accounting and financial management are based. In our current economic environment, where small businesses are the largest employers, many learners will find themselves self-employed or working in small business and there is a high probability that they will have to engage in some form of accounting practice. Small businesses account for almost 96 percent of the count of all actively trading businesses and 46 percent of total private sector industry employment (Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (2012) Australian Small Business Key Statistics and Analysis.)

Accounting, Level 3, aims to make learners financially literate by creating an understanding of the systems and processes through which financial practices and decision-making are carried out, as well as the ethical, social and regulatory issues involved. An understanding of accounting assists with the discharge of accountability and in the management of financial resources. Accounting also helps learners analyse and make informed decisions about business finance. They develop skills in critical thinking, decision-making and the use of information and communication technologies and an appreciation of active and responsible citizenship. The knowledge and skills developed in accounting also enables them to analyse their own financial position and make informed decisions based on that analysis. Many learners who study Accounting, Level 3, will go on to further study and careers in business and finance.

Supporting documents

Accounting External Assessment Specifications (2017-2020)
(Updated May 5, 2017)
ACC315116 Accounting Assessment Report 2016
(Updated Mar 14, 2017)
Accounting Information Sheet (2017)
(Updated Feb 27, 2017)
(Valid from Jan 1, 2017)
ACC315116 course Course document - PDF version - version 1.b
(Updated Feb 8, 2017)
(Valid from Jan 1, 2016)
(Expires Dec 31, 2020)
ACC315116 course. Course document - word version - version 1.b
(Updated Feb 8, 2017)
(Valid from Jan 1, 2016)
(Expires Dec 31, 2020)
Accounting Exam Paper 2016
(Updated Nov 25, 2016)

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