Course details for EAL315115 English as an Additional Language or Dialect

TitleEnglish as an Additional Language or Dialect
Learning AreaEnglish
Available from01/01/2015
Available until31/12/2019
Size 15 credit points
Demonstrates TCE literacy standardYES
Demonstrates TCE numeracy standardNO
Demonstrates TCE ICT standardNO
Replaces the courseESL315114
English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) focuses on language learning and the explicit teaching of the structure, linguistic features and sociolinguistic and sociocultural aspects of Standard Australian English (SAE). Standard Australian English is the variety of spoken and written English language in Australia used in more formal settings such as for official or public purposes, and recorded in dictionaries, style guides and grammars. While it is always dynamic and evolving, it is recognised as the 'common language' of Australians.

Through close study of language and meaning, learners of EAL/D explore how learning in and through English language influences their own and others' personal, social and cultural identities and thought processes. They develop skills that enable them to use different registers of spoken and written SAE so they can communicate effectively in a range of contexts and for a variety of purposes in order to become effective cross-cultural users of language and dialect.

EAL/D provides opportunities for learners to engage reflectively and critically with a broad range of spoken, written and multimodal texts. Students learn to create (individually and collaboratively) increasingly complex texts for different purposes and audiences in different forms, modes and mediums. This course develops learners' academic English skills in order to prepare them for tertiary study.

Supporting documents

English as an Additional Language or Dialect Assessment Report 2016
(Updated Feb 7, 2017)
English as an Additional Language or Dialect Exam Paper 2016
(Updated Nov 25, 2016)
EAL315115 English as an Additional Language or Dialect Assessment Report (2015)
(Updated Feb 2, 2016)
English as an Additional Language or Dialect Exam Paper (2015)
(Updated Nov 22, 2015)

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