Course details for JPN315114 Japanese

Learning AreaLanguages
Available from01/01/2014
Available until31/12/2018
Size 15 credit points
Demonstrates TCE literacy standardNO
Demonstrates TCE numeracy standardNO
Demonstrates TCE ICT standardNO
Replaces the courseJPN315109
The study of Japanese contributes to the overall education of learners, particularly in the areas of communication, intercultural understanding and general knowledge.

Through studying Japanese, students gain access to Japanese-speaking communities in Japan and in many other countries, including Australia.

The ability to communicate in Japanese will (in conjunction with other skills acquired in the study of this course) provide learners with enhanced vocational opportunities and the possibility to apply Japanese culture and language skills to work, further study, training or personal interests.

This course builds on Japanese - Foundation and provides a pathway to the study of Japanese at university level.

Supporting documents

Japanese Assessment Report 2016
(Updated Feb 7, 2017)
Japanese Exam Paper 2016
(Updated Nov 25, 2016)
JPN315114 - Japanese Audio files 2015 Japanese Audio files 2015
(Updated Nov 2, 2016)
JPN315114 Japanese Assessment Report (2015)
(Updated Feb 2, 2016)
Japanese Exam Paper (2015)
(Updated Nov 27, 2015)
JPN315114 Listening 2014 Listening Audio
(Updated Feb 16, 2015)
Japanese Exam Paper (2014)
(Updated Nov 28, 2014)

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