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TitleStudies of Religion
Learning AreaHumanities and Social Sciences
Available from1/1/2016
Available until31/12/2020
Size 15 credit points
Demonstrates TCE literacy standardYES
Demonstrates TCE numeracy standardNO
Demonstrates TCE ICT standardNO
Replaces the courseREL315111
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Studies of Religion, Level 3, examines the place and function of religious traditions and ethical perspectives in a pluralist society such as Australia within a global context. This course contributes to identifying religious diversity in Australia, the need for inter-faith dialogue and the current contribution that religious traditions make to cultural respect and social equity. In such a complex environment of cultural and religious diversity, religious frameworks can impact on essential debates and emerging issues regarding the interface of religion, ethics and society.

Ethical complexities in religious and secular contexts are a constant discourse in the political, economic and cultural life of Australia as a multicultural, multi-faith liberal democracy. While Australia's foundations are secular in nature, the majority of its population claim some religious affiliation which has a strong influence on identity, values and behaviour. Religions and the spiritualties that grow from them are important drivers and dynamic shapers of social and moral debates at a local, national and global level. This course can contribute to the skilling of young Australians to be able to negotiate these complexities, fostering the harmonious co-existence of secular and multi-faith society and a deeper appreciation for religious diversity.

Studies of Religion aims to develop an understanding of the unique ways that particular belief systems and cultural contexts can shape and influence the formation of an individual's worldview. By studying a number of religious traditions learners may be able to come to a greater appreciation and respect for others in their midst. The study of the interaction of religious and non-religious traditions can also help learners become conscious of particular ways they can negotiate moral complexity as they develop skills in identifying, describing and responding to their own experience.

Studies of Religion adopts an inclusive and nuanced approach to ways of perceiving and interpreting religious issues. The course does not promote any particular religious tradition or viewpoint; it is designed to be available to all learners, irrespective of the existence, or nature, of any individual religious beliefs.

Supporting documents

Studies of Religion External Assessment Specifications (2017-2020)
(Updated Apr 20, 2017)
(Valid from Jan 1, 2017)
(Expires Dec 31, 2020)
Studies of Religion Assessment Report 2016
(Updated Feb 7, 2017)
REL315116 course Course document - PDF version
(Updated Dec 21, 2016)
(Valid from Jan 1, 2016)
(Expires Dec 31, 2020)
REL315116 course. Course document - word version
(Updated Dec 21, 2016)
(Valid from Jan 1, 2016)
(Expires Dec 31, 2020)
Studies of Religion Exam Paper 2016
(Updated Nov 25, 2016)

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